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Get an Electrical Inspection that can save 15-20% off your electricity bill.

An electrical safety inspection will ensure your home or premises are electrically sound and compliant.  To find out more about our electrical inspection offer please click here.

Why an Electrical Safety Inspection is so important

Electrical Safety Inspections should be carried out in order to ensure the safety for your family, friends, and colleagues – as well as the value of your property and its contents. 

Nothing lasts forever, and electrical problems can occur at any time. Electrical wiring, sockets and appliances do wear with time and use. The danger associated with unchecked electrical hazards can be life-threatening and easily avoided by taking simple steps to avoid remedy them and thus preventing tragedies from happening.
Protect your  home or your company’s workplace. Most electrical fires can be easily avoided through the simple task of having an electrical safety inspection.

When should I get an electrical inspection?

New Home?

An inspection will find any issues with the existing wiring or electrical hazards. Then, you can take appropriate action. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Older home?

After 25 years, household wiring can deteriorate rapidly. Call us for a full inspection and identify any issues before they become real hazards to you and your family.


The perfect time to inspect and make sure your existing wiring, sockets and appliances are safe and to get any problems fixed so your home is safe for years to come. 

Malfunctioning Appliances

If you have an appliances that keep tripping the circuit-breaker in your fuse box, it could point to a bigger issue. Don't take any chances - call us today.

What is checked in an electrical inspection?

Lighting and wiring inspection

To ensure there is no faulty wiring and that existing lighting fixtures are power efficient. If you cannot remember the last time you had an electrical inspection, of if it was more than ten years ago, call us today.

Power switches and appliances

To ensure all power and light switches are operating safely and efficiently.
Perform a safety check on all electrical appliances. A faulty appliance combined with old wiring can be a recipe for disaster.

Hot water system

Identify any electrical issues or water leakages. Around 30% of your electricity bill goes towards hot water, so we will make sure your hot water tank is running to peak efficiency. 


To perform a wiring and safety check on your switchboard. We will ensure there are no loose wires and that all your power-breakers are operating normally and are not subject to age or corrosion that might impede their performance.

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